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In Need of a Tune Up: Wisconsin’s Court of Appeals Considers Personal Jurisdiction in the Internet Age

Last year, we wrote about the Seventh Circuit’s interpretation of the emerging issue of personal jurisdiction in the context of internet activity. Courts understandably have been wary of subjecting businesses to broad jurisdiction in all 50 states based solely on an internet presence. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals continued this trend with its decision last … Continue reading this entry

There’s No Such Thing as Scattershot Jurisdiction: 7th Circuit Fends Off Wayward Pepperball Litigation

A few months ago, we wrote about the Supreme Court’s decision in Walden v. Fiore, 571 U.S. ___, in which the Court stressed that for specific personal jurisdiction to exist, there must be a connection between the defendant and the locale arising from “contacts that the ‘defendant himself’ creates with the forum State.”  That opinion … Continue reading this entry

"Do you represent Cintas Corporation or Cintas Corporation No. 2?"

That was the first question Chief Justice Abrahamson asked counsel for the defendant during oral argument today in Johnson v. Cintas Corp. (2009 AP 2549). And it was a particularly appropriate one, because the issue before the court was whether the circuit court ever acquired personal jurisdiction over Cintas Corp. No. 2 to enter a default judgment … Continue reading this entry