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Jordan v. Binns: The Seventh Circuit Grapples With Multiple Levels of Hearsay

The Seventh Circuit has a gift for lawyers looking to brush up on the Federal Rules of Evidence. It comes wrapped as last week’s decision in Jordan v. Binns, No. 11-2134 (7th Cir. Apr. 4, 2013), where the court examined multiple levels of hearsay.  Given its evocation of a law-school exam, it was fitting that the court … Continue reading this entry

Judges as Gatekeepers: Requiring a “Plain English” Explanation of Expert Testimony and Meaningful Analysis of an Expert’s “Principles and Methods”

The Seventh Circuit recently made clear that a district court’s duty to rule on the admissibility of expert testimony requires a meaningful examination into whether a proffered expert’s analysis is methodologically sound. After reversing the plaintiff’s jury verdict as legally deficient, the court in ATA Airlines, Inc. v. Federal Express Corp. addressed the jury’s damages award, … Continue reading this entry